November 2010

Bullied Minds, Bad Choices

by Bill Brenner November 30, 2010 Addiction

I’m quite taken with this Boston Globe article about the long-term impact of bullying. There’s some truth to the conclusions, but also a lot of bullshit. Mood music: [spotify:track:0xwK8KzT8gFa7f4MsYYpQu] Of the new research, the Globe article says the following: A new wave of research into bullying’s effects … is now suggesting … that in fact, bullying can leave an indelible imprint on a teen’s brain at a time when it is still growing and developing….  [Read More]

The Bullied Brain Goes Boom

by Bill Brenner November 29, 2010 Depression

The Boston Globe has an interesting story about going “Inside the bullied brain.” You might want to read it and offer up your opinion, because I have very, very strong opinions about this issue and I’m going to write about it in the morning before work.

Saving My Recovery, Continued

by Bill Brenner November 29, 2010 Addiction

I huge weight is off my shoulders. I’ve gone from talking about the changes that’ll help me preserve my sobriety and abstinence to doing what I said I’d do. Mood music: Pearl Jam covering Mother Love Bone’s “Crown of Thorns” I told my sponsor that hitting the reset button means I have to replace her. She said she would never do anything to get in the way of my recovery. She’s a dear friend who…  [Read More]

How I’ll Save My Sobriety and Abstinence

by Bill Brenner November 28, 2010 Sobriety and abstinence

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’ve hit a wall in my recovery program. I shared about it at yesterday’s OA meeting, and as the day progressed, I realized what I need to do to stay sober and abstinent. MOOD MUSIC: “GRACE” BY U2. CLICK HERE TO LET IT PLAY. I should point out that I’m not depressed about having to make changes. There’s no anxiety or fear driving this. It’s just a calm,…  [Read More]

Life After Death: When Is It OK to Live Again?

by Bill Brenner November 27, 2010 Grief management

Going to the wake of my friend‘s mom, I found myself engaged in a strange line of thinking. Memories of past deaths came back to me. Michael. Sean. Peter. All the grandparents. Not in a bad way, either. Mood music: [spotify:track:67Cg1LnmtmJDOZEzCvP6mk] In a bizarre game of mental math, I started thinking about how long it took me to bounce back from each death. It’s a stupid game to play, because there’s no science or arithmetic…  [Read More]

Facebook Follow Friday: Thank Ya Edition

by Bill Brenner November 26, 2010 Gratitude

Welcome to week five of this new tradition of mine: Giving the nod to some of my Facebook friends for giving my spirits a lift and teaching me new things. Mood music: [youtube=] A reminder on what this is about: There’s a thing we do on Twitter called Follow Friday, where we list people we follow and suggest others do the same. I figured Facebook should have something similar, so here it is. There’s a lot of…  [Read More]


by Bill Brenner November 26, 2010 Gratitude

Thanks to a strict food plan I follow to keep the binge-eating disorder in its box, I’m not walking around a bloated mess like I used to. Instead, I gorged on something else yesterday. Mood music: [youtube=] I napped in the morning, I napped in the afternoon and I have no regrets. I’ve always had an interesting relationship with sleep. Back when I was slowly destroying myself, I would fall asleep at all the wrong…  [Read More]

Thank You

by Bill Brenner November 24, 2010 Gratitude

I still go through the day like a punk sometimes. I get wrapped up in my own selfish impulses and forget everyone else around me. I’m excellent at making it all about me. But I know the truth. I have a beautiful life despite myself. And I have many to thank. Mood music: [youtube=] I’m thankful to God for taking a chance on a rat like me and for sending me the grace to help…  [Read More]

Pounding the Reset Button

by Bill Brenner November 24, 2010 Mental disorders

I mentioned Monday that I’ve hit a wall in my recovery program. Last night I decided some changes are in order. Mood music: [youtube=] Making changes is a bitch. It’s almost like admitting failure. I haven’t failed on the big things. I’ve held on to my abstinence and sobriety. But in a lot of areas I’ve gotten sloppy. A collection of tiny failures can add up. I’ve gotten bored with my current plan, and as…  [Read More]

Read This…

by Bill Brenner November 24, 2010 Coping tools

My good friend Jennifer Leggio has started a new personal blog that chronicles, among other things, her battle with the weight demon. I know that demon well. More of us do than we care to admit. Jen took a bold, somewhat controversial step to slay the demon and went under the knife. If you want to see courage — and the excellent writing — check it out. Now.