June 2011

Erin’s Avett Brothers Birthday Present, Part 2

by Bill Brenner June 30, 2011 Family

This post is for Erin on her birthday. Mood music: http://youtu.be/3uy4tK5q0KE I know I gave you your birthday present early: an Avett Brothers concert almost a month ago. But I’ve been thinking about this band lately and realize that one reason I like them so much is that a lot of their songs make me think of you. A lot of their songs are about love that gets tested only to grow stronger than before,…  [Read More]

A New(ish) Weapon Against OCD Fidget Syndrome

by Bill Brenner June 29, 2011 Coping tools

At any number of events, you can see me darting around all over the place, taking pictures with my Android phone. The obvious reason is that I want to capture the special events in life. But it has also become a good weapon against what I call OCD Fidget Syndrome. Mood music: I’ve mentioned the fidgeting before. A byproduct of my OCD is a serious discomfort with sitting properly for any length of time. One…  [Read More]

A Visit To The Prozac Nurse

by Bill Brenner June 29, 2011 Coping tools

Last night was my annual pilgrimage to Beverly, Mass. for an appointment with the nurse who manages my Prozac intake. She has done better for me than my primary care doctor did. Here’s why. Mood music: Drugs used to treat mental disorders must be tightly controlled. Too little and it won’t help you. Too much can make your disorder worse. When I first started taking Prozac in 2007, my primary care doctor was prescribing it….  [Read More]

A Relationship That Changed for the Better

by Bill Brenner June 28, 2011 Family

Since my father’s stroke last month, I’ve had some long talks with Dianne, my step-mom. Those conversations illustrate how much we’ve both changed over the years. Or is it just me who has changed? Mood music: Let me be honest: Ours has never been an easy relationship. I spent the better part of my teens and 20s resenting her to the core. Our quarrels had all the drama of a TNT series. The two of…  [Read More]

Screwing Your Kids In The Divorce, Part 3

by Bill Brenner June 27, 2011 Children's issues

This is one of those things that is technically none of my business. But when I see a beautiful little girl suffering the consequences of someone else’s stupidity, it’s hard to stand there and say nothing. Mood music: There’s a guy I know who is staring divorce in the face. This is a message for him. When a marriage falls apart it’s never a one-way street. Husband and wife are both guilty of falling short…  [Read More]

Medical Marijuana For OCD Treatment: Not For Me

by Bill Brenner June 27, 2011 Medicine

I just read an interesting blog post on how medical marijuana could be used to treat OCD. There are medicinal helpers for this disease, but pot would never work for me. Mood music: Here’s an excerpt of the article, from the official website of hemp legalization advocateĀ Jack HererĀ (originally published on the All Voices site): OCD is a treatable disease. With adequate therapy and correct counseling by experienced psychiatrist and physicians, the intensity of the disease…  [Read More]

Looking For The Bright Side

by Bill Brenner June 26, 2011 Depression

My attitude sucks this morning. I explain some of the reason in my last post, but there are a variety of factors: Mood music: 1. Despite my best efforts to be the family man I’m supposed to be, I always find myself coming up short. 2. The weather has been a gray, depressing soup since I got back from California, where the weather was perfect. This makes for a hard re-entry. 3. I seem to…  [Read More]

Me, Dad And The Kill Switch

by Bill Brenner June 26, 2011 Family

My father was passed out cold during my visit to the rehab center yesterday, and I left feeling depressed. I hadn’t seen him in a week because I had a business trip to California, and I kept hearing about how much better he was. I wanted to see for myself. Mood music: But he slept the whole time. That’s probably for the best. The more sleep he gets, the better. But the self-absorbed side of…  [Read More]

‘It Comes Alive And I Die A Little More’

by Bill Brenner June 24, 2011 Fear and anxiety

There’s a Metallica song called “The Unnamed Feeling” that nails an important truth about OCD and anxiety. We have our triggers, but many times we can’t see or describe what’s pulling us apart. Mood music: [spotify:track:4RCJ2xbTfJalOq7RtTsOPv] I mentioned this a little bit in a post I wrote earlier about A&E’s “Obsession” series: Things eat at you in a more gradual, quieter fashion. By the time the hand washing and contorted expressions begin, the sufferer has…  [Read More]

A&E’s ‘Obsessed’: First Impressions

by Bill Brenner June 24, 2011 OCD

My fellow OCD buddy Steve Repsys pinged me the other day about an A&E program called “Obsessed.” This morning I finally got around to checking out some clips. It has it’s good points. And it’s not-so-good points. Mood music: I’m a big advocate of any programming that educates people about OCD, addictions and other demons of the soul. That’s why I’ve written a lot about the movie being made called “Machine Man.” But reality TV…  [Read More]