November 2012

Dimming The Lights

by Bill Brenner November 29, 2012 Gratitude

I’m taking a break from blogging here until Monday so I can focus on family business — specifically tonight’s wake and tomorrow’s funeral for Nana Ruth. If you knew Ruth Robinson and haven’t yet seen the Facebook page we created for her, please head over and “like” it. Thanks.

An Inconvenient Death

by Bill Brenner November 28, 2012 Grief management

It happens whenever someone dies. After the initial shock passes, you start thinking about when the wake and funeral will take place, including whether it will get in the way of your work, family, or entertainment plans. We feel selfish and petty when we get this way, but it’s human nature. [spotify:track:4zbJWmA6NqIPSyNsLddZnO] Some of the youngsters in my life went through this as we prepared for the wake and funeral of Nana Ruth. There was…  [Read More]

The Dumbest OCD Gag Gifts Ever

by Bill Brenner November 27, 2012 Lighthearted

Those who know me understand that I’m not bothered by humor that pokes fun at OCD. As long as there’s plenty of education available for people to manage the more insidious parts of the disorder, I’m fine with having fun with the quirks. My only requirement is that the jokes be clever. Some time ago, I wrote about clever OCD gag gifts. These gifts, though, I never want to find in my Christmas stocking. Not…  [Read More]

A Tribute to Nana Ruth

by Bill Brenner November 26, 2012 Gratitude

I’ve been thinking a lot about Erin’s grandmother, Ruth Robinson, since she passed away Friday morning. I have lots of memories, all cherished. Whenever I think of family, there’s always a lot of dysfunction to go with the joy. It’s like that in every family, and the dysfunction can be good, the stuff that goes into the humorous aspects of family lore. But when I think of Nana Ruth, I always see that smile. That…  [Read More]

Thank You, All

by Bill Brenner November 21, 2012 Gratitude

Things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving and every day: Jesus, of course. Music, including today’s selection: [spotify:track:5MjS49btXnlMRqPC9Fg2Aj] My wife, who seems to grow more beautiful by the day, and our children, who keep us young. My work, because cybersecurity never gets boring, the people in the industry are great friends I learn from daily and my office colleagues rock. My Aunt Robin (I’m glad we’re back in contact) and my extended family. My parents for sticking by me…  [Read More]

Politics, Facebook Friends and the Damage Done

by Bill Brenner November 20, 2012 Political discourse

After all my blogging this past election season about how friends and family shouldn’t become enemies over politics and how we all need to knock off the conspiracy theories and name-calling, I’m reviewing my Facebook friends list in search of damage. Here’s my final analysis. It turns out one person unfriended me. I considered her a solid Facebook friend. We went to high school together and shared many musical tastes. We both post a lot…  [Read More]

Modern-Day Pharisees

by Bill Brenner November 20, 2012 Faith

A very quick follow-up to yesterday’s post about me being of the Religious Left. My good friend Martin Fisher left a comment I want to elevate to the top of the heap because he says exactly what I meant, in a different but dead-on manner. From Martin: You didn’t put it this way…but I suspect you’d agree….that many on the “Christian Right” have become latter day Pharisees. They seem more interested in the process and…  [Read More]

My Name Is Bill, and I’m with the Religious Left

by Bill Brenner November 19, 2012 Faith

I’ve been on a spiritual high for the last several years. I became a Catholic in 2006 and since then have tried to live my faith to the fullest. I’ve been on three Catholic retreats, one as a team leader, and have spoken up about my beliefs regularly in this blog. I’ve worked hard to become a more peaceful person instead of the Bill who would flip people off on the highway and throw rocks…  [Read More]

Hostess Was My Main Dope Supplier

by Bill Brenner November 16, 2012 Addiction

A lot of people are sad this morning because Hostess, maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, is going out of business after striking workers failed to heed a Thursday deadline to return to work. That’s the company’s official line, anyway. Mood music: [spotify:track:5Sz3tl0ZqkyAg52CSQeVYj] Me? I feel badly that 18,500 workers are getting laid off, though I suspect some other company will swoop in and buy Hostess for a song. The world needs its cream filling,…  [Read More]

WebMD’s Symptom Checker: Crack for OCD Heads

by Bill Brenner November 16, 2012 Lighthearted

WebMD has a fantastic thing called the Symptom Checker. Have a headache and numbness in the toes? Just punch it into the symptom checker and get a diagnosis. Mood music: [spotify:track:79DVDD46pdqwjYucn91fny] In the hands of an OCD patient, this thing can provide hours of obsessive-compulsive fun, as you pinpoint every ache and pain in your body and have the Symptom Checker tell you what’s the matter. The first thing you do is point to parts…  [Read More]