Why Is This Blog So Dark?

by Bill Brenner on September 24, 2011

People occasionally ask me why this blog covers so much dark ground. Let’s see if I can explain:

My life has been much like any typical run. We all go through our sad and tragic episodes, with a lot of good times and beautiful experiences mixed in. There are happy moments and terrible moments. Some get swallowed up by the darkness and descend into a life of crime, addiction and death. Others find a way out of the darkness and learn to find joy in all the things they were once too blind to notice.

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I write a lot about my darker episodes because there has always been a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve learned to look at adversity as an opportunity to always get somewhere better. I also believe in the saying: “When you find yourself in hell, the only way out of it is through it.”

I write a lot about my addictive behavior so you can understand just how joyful it is when you find recovery.

I write a lot about what I went through at the hands of OCD, fear and anxiety because I found a way through the worst of it and believe I need to share where I’ve been so those who are in their own personal hell can see the way to some peace.

As awesome as my life is today, I still find myself veering into episodes of darkness. I’m not a special case. We all go through that sort of thing. This blog being part diary, I need to write down the bad as well as the good because by documenting it I can put things in perspective and push myself out of the painful periods.

I always try to end a darker post on a positive note. If you skim, you’ll miss it.

I’ve been through some rough patches lately and it has shown through here. But I never stay in the rough patch for long, because I keep moving and learning. Many of you help me do it, and I’m grateful.

I try to be like Leo, the chief of staff in the TV series The West Wing. The character was a raging alcoholic and pill popper who got through it and kept living a life of public service. This clip pretty much sums up the purpose of this blog:

 I don’t know my way out of every dark situation, but by sharing stories of the struggles that ended well, I’m hopefully helping a few of you.
Thanks for reading.

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Becky September 24, 2011 at 4:14 am

I think a blog is an appropriate place to cover “dark ground”. You can express what you want in that area until you get to that other side of the dark ground, which is hope. I don’t find that your blogs STAY there in the dark. Another bonus is that there are people who only want to hear cheery, happy things from their friends. This way, the fair-weathered friends aren’t forced to listen. I find the practice in having gratitude in all things helps me in my life. May it continue to help you as well.

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