The OCD Diaries in the News (UPDATED)

by Bill Brenner on June 8, 2015

Update: Here’s an audio interview I did for the Standard Deviant Podcast a couple weeks ago…
Episode #1 – Bill Brenner on security journalism, airplane hacking, OCD and heavy metal

Bill Brenner: 3 Books that Changed My Life“: By Jennifer Minella — In this series, I asked infosec professionals to name 3 books that changed their life. This entry includes picks from journalist, writer and podcaster Bill Brenner.

In the Right Frame of Mind“: Man’s blog shares mental illness struggles, supports others.

Man Showed Strength in Sharing Mental Illness Story“: Kudos to Brenner for opening up about his mental illness. He is brave indeed — and the community is all the better for it.

Magic and Loss: A Conversation with ‘OCD Diaries’ Author Bill Brenner“: Bill Brenner writes one of the most well-regarded OCD blogs on the web. In this podcast episode, Bill takes us on his journey through OCD, overeating, and a 12-step recovery program. Also discussed: Traci Foust, Lou Reed, Jim Morrison, and finding the most interesting parts of ourselves within the pain.

How Mental Illness Makes Some Executives Stronger“: Today, from the standpoint of removing the stigma and increasing the positive communication around these issues, I’d like to take a look at some of the admirable individuals who are facing mental health diagnoses with exceptional courage, as well as looking at a few well-known entrepreneurs who’ve learned to work with their unique “disorders” in a way that has helped to propel their success.

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just jean January 12, 2015 at 6:42 pm

I’m astounded that one can be so brave as to open up his life so completely to others. I’m nervous to even blog. I find it comforting when I know “I’m not the only one” ( having problems). Thanks.

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