Skinny Like A Fool

by Bill Brenner August 22, 2015 Addiction

At dinner with friends one night, a conversation about weight control got started. It reminded me of how hard I used to work to stay thin, and how dangerous some of my methods were. Examples: –In my late teens, I got the bright idea that I could party and drink all I wanted on the weekends with no danger of weight gain if I starved myself during the week, often living on one cheese sandwich a…  [Read More]

The Battle of Market Basket

by Bill Brenner July 22, 2014 Food

Several people have asked what I think of the Market Basket drama, including the boycotts and empty shelves as employees fight for the reinstatement of recently canned CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. Here’s my answer. Mood music: Many people worry about what will become of a supermarket chain that, up to this point, has been the cheapest on the block. If this chain goes bye-bye, a lot of people in financial distress worry they’ll have more trouble putting food…  [Read More]

Meet the New Food Plan

by Bill Brenner May 9, 2013 Food

I’ll Stick With My Starbucks

by Bill Brenner April 25, 2013 Food

I got a healthy chuckle from this little bit from Ryoko Iwata’s blog about all things coffee-related. And since sharing is caring…

A New Food Plan, A New World

by Bill Brenner April 25, 2013 Food

For five years, I’ve been living off the same exact food plan. Four ounces of protein, three ounces of grain or starch, 10 ounces of vegetable. It served me well most of the time, but in the past year my nutritional needs have changed and sticking to the old plan made a mess of me. Tuesday, I went to see a new nutritionist, and my diet is now changed in a massive way. Mood music:…  [Read More]

Truth in Advertising at the Heart Attack Grill?

by Bill Brenner February 13, 2013 Food

I admit to some laughter when I read the news that John Alleman, unofficial spokesman and mascot for Las Vegas’ infamous Heart Attack Grill, dropped dead of a heart attack outside the restaurant. “Talk about truth in advertising,” I thought to myself. Then I felt like an asshole. Mood music: [spotify:track:4dIv6OPKSfGNfWuhv1hEDV] Finding humor in someone’s death is bad enough, but I could have easily been this guy. Frankly, I still could be. The Heart Attack Grill…  [Read More]

A Few Degrees South Of A Relapse

by Bill Brenner April 30, 2012 Addiction

My recovery program for compulsive binge eating hasn’t been right lately. This is where I come clean about something many go through after extended periods of abstinance and sobriety. Mood music: I haven’t been to many OA meetings lately. I haven’t called my sponsor in awhile. I was getting to a point a couple weeks ago where I realized I was also getting sloppy with the food. It’s always the little things you get reckless about: Instead of…  [Read More]

Crude But True

by Bill Brenner April 4, 2012 Addiction

This pic, making the Facebook rounds, is crude. I’ve always hated the “T” word. But the overall message is the truth. McDonald’s is where I binged again and again when my compulsive overeating was at its zenith. But I’ve never blamed the fast-food chain. Buying their food — my heroin — was my choice and responsibility. When you have young children, you have far more control over what they put in their bodies. If you’re…  [Read More]

Depressed? Remember To Sleep, Eat And See A Doctor

by Bill Brenner March 30, 2012 Depression

In my response to the reader who claimed wanting to die 5 out of seven days a week, I forgot something critical: It’s not always “in your head.” In other words, withering depression is also the result of physical trouble. Mood music: A friend reminded me of that after she read this morning’s post. She wrote to me: May I also suggest to said young man to seek an MD’s opinion. There are numerous physical…  [Read More]

Was ‘Hunger Games’ Star Too Fat For The Role?

by Bill Brenner March 28, 2012 Children's issues

There’s a controversy swirling around online regarding “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence. With one critic suggesting she was too curvy to play the role of emaciated heroine Katness Everdeen, the anger is on. What is making some people bristle is that this smacks of the bullshit talk that sends girls into the hell of eating disorders. Mood music: I’m not a girl. But I’ve dealt with an eating disorder for much of my life. So, naturally, I…  [Read More]