That Restless Feeling When You’re Waiting to Travel

by Bill Brenner July 29, 2014 Infosec

This time next week I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas for three security conferences, and I’m finding myself in a restless state of mind. It’s that point where the planning and logistics have been worked out, and I’m itching to just get on with the mission at hand. It’s a mindset that conflicts with the “one day at a time” system of living I’ve worked hard to adopt in recent years. Mood music: I do…  [Read More]

Black Hat, BSidesLV, DEF CON Anxiety Leads to Stress Dreams

by Bill Brenner July 24, 2014 Infosec

I typically don’t remember my dreams, but Tuesday night I had a doozy of a stress dream. You could say my brain was smacking me for making light of other people’s anxieties in the run up to Black Hat, DEF CON and BSidesLV. Every year at this time I start to hear people worrying aloud about their Vegas schedules, which is understandable. I used to create detailed schedules but threw out the script a few…  [Read More]