Men and women

Time to Stop Separating Women from Men

by Bill Brenner July 30, 2016 gender issues

A few years ago, I used to do a bunch of lists of security people to follow on Twitter every Friday. For a while I did a separate one on “women in security.” That is, until one of my peers called me out on it. Essentially, my friend, Wendy Nather, said that I was contributing to sexism in the industry by separating the women from the men. That’s how I took it, anyway. She was…  [Read More]

Disrespecting Women: Return of Idiots

by Bill Brenner June 18, 2014 Men and women

I’ve spent a few recent posts slamming the blog Return of Kings over its hugely offensive content, particularly articles like “5 Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder” and “Why Society Owes Men Sex.” A reader informs me that this is no simple trolling blog. It’s part of a larger movement in the US. Mood music: According to the reader: That’s not a troll blog. That’s actually an extremist movement you’ve stumbled upon….  [Read More]