Physical Health

Do You Even Exercise, Bro?

by Bill Brenner January 5, 2015 Physical Health

I used to exercise a lot. In my teens, I’d spend an hour a day on a beat-up rowing machine. In my 20s, I’d hit the gym seven days a week to use the elliptical cross-trainer machines. And in my early 30s, I’d walk 3.5 miles a day, no matter the weather. At some point I stopped. Mood music: I don’t have a good reason why I stopped exercising. I told myself that I was…  [Read More]

I Forgot About Back Pain Depression

by Bill Brenner August 25, 2014 Physical Health

After eight years of life without any significant back pain, I’d forgotten how threatening an injury can be to one’s mental health. This past week and a half, I’ve gotten all too clear of a reminder. Mood music: A couple Fridays ago, I twisted my tailbone out of joint while plugging in a power cord. It has never the heavy lifting for me that’s caused injury; it’s always been the quick, careless movements. I spent…  [Read More]

The Beauty of a Broken Body

by Bill Brenner August 30, 2013 Physical Health

At the breakfast table yesterday, Sean said, “Dad has many good qualities. None have anything to do with his body.” I had good laugh over that and was amused enough to share it on Twitter and Facebook. Which brought this thoughtful response from a friend: “Little does he know what you’ve been through with your body. When he realizes, he’ll know that that’s your best quality!” Mood music: Sean knows, of course. He’s seen for…  [Read More]

Depression Causes: Add Sleep to the List?

by Bill Brenner August 20, 2013 Physical Health

Yesterday’s post on my sleep apnea diagnosis got a lot of response. Two big lessons from all the feedback: Far more people have sleep apnea than I knew, and those who have since been treated recall the huge mental distress caused by inadequate sleep. Mood music: Said one friend: “BIll, I too have sleep apnea. It’s a vicious, horrible physical problem. You don’t even realize how badly the lack of REM and deep sleep is…  [Read More]

Pushing It to 11 with a Better Night’s Sleep

by Bill Brenner August 19, 2013 Physical Health

According to the results of my sleep study, I have something called sleep apnea. I stop breathing for a few seconds or a little over a minute and then snore ferociously as the breathing kicks back in. I’m told mine is moderate to severe. Scary, you say? Not really. Mood music: I know a few people with this condition, including my father. It afflicts people from all walks of life: the fat, the thin, the…  [Read More]