security drama

The Drama Over Drama

by Bill Brenner April 2, 2015 security drama

Recently, someone in the security community opined that she’s not a fan of hugs at security conferences. The pro-huggers didn’t like her comment and used social media to say so. Also recently, the folks running RSA Conference decided to ban so-called “booth babes.” That led to a very long debate about sexism vs. freedom of expression. Mood music: In both cases, someone in the crowd yelled a word that’s been used so much that it’s…  [Read More]

Tools to Fight Your Demons at #Defcon, #BlackHat and More

by Bill Brenner July 11, 2014 security drama

This isn’t a post about how I think you should behave at DEF CON. I’ve already said my bit about the drama aspect and shared my experiences being a sober guy at security cons. This isn’t an anti-drinking tirade or a lecture about the treatment of women at these events. It IS a resource for those who have demons they’d like to control during our so-called Security Summer Camp. Mood music: There’s been some talk…  [Read More]

Stripping the Drama from DEF CON

by Bill Brenner July 8, 2014 security drama

People in my industry love the word drama. The word is tossed out like Tootsie Rolls at a holiday parade. In my opinion, the word is used a bit too much, especially in the month or two before the DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas. Mood music: Each year, someone suggests there’s sexism at the conference, and someone responds by yelling “Drama!” Each year,┬ásomeone complains about an overabundance of drunken debauchery and someone else…  [Read More]