Fire Drills Are Foolish

by Bill Brenner May 13, 2014 stress

From a safety perspective, fire drills are important. If your building is on fire, you need to know how to escape safely. Then there’s the other kind of fire drill, where high-pressure managers project their stress onto others. Mood music: I worked for guys like that. I’ve been that guy, too. Nothing good comes from it, and good people get hurt. Example: In 2000, I was assistant editor of The Eagle-Tribune‘s New Hampshire edition. My…  [Read More]

Account Theft: The Worst That Could Happen Wasn’t Much

by Bill Brenner April 29, 2014 stress

Because I’m a security writer by profession, one of my biggest fears is¬†that online thieves will suck my bank¬†account dry. I’ve seen it happen to friends and family, and I know how violated they felt. I’ve written too many articles about people I don’t know being victimized. So when it finally happened to me, I was surprised by my muted, almost calm response. Mood music: When I signed in to the family account, I was…  [Read More]