Sleep or Exercise: Which Matters More?

by Bill Brenner July 10, 2014 Well-Being

I’ve been trying hard of late to get my exercise regimen back on track. But I keep hitting the same wall: sleep. Specifically, I can’t get my ass out of bed at the appointed time so I keep missing my workout window. Mood music: For a guy who used to obsessively walk 3.5 miles a day no matter the weather or amount of rest, this is baffling. True, I am pushing my mid-40s. But really,…  [Read More]

Drinking at Security Cons

by Bill Brenner May 29, 2014 Well-Being

A friend from the security community, Rob Fuller, has written a post about drinking at┬áconferences. It’s an activity I engaged in with abandon until I decided to quit drinking on New Year’s Day 2010. His post reminds me of what the transition to sobriety was like in conference settings. I drank my way through the first few RSA conferences to cope with nerves. You could drink all you want for free at the vendor parties,…  [Read More]

A Plot Twist to Cure a Bad Mood

by Bill Brenner May 5, 2014 Well-Being

This old bastard woke up angry┬áthis morning. For two hours, I’ve wanted to punch objects and shout at people. I’ve done neither, but I still suck to be around right now. The rest of the day need not be this way. I keep thinking of a post I wrote a while back about life’s plot twists and the lessons therein. When problems arise, embrace them, I said at the time. Roll with the punches. Catch…  [Read More]

New Doctors, New Pressures

by Bill Brenner January 15, 2014 Well-Being

Late last year, as I was looking for a new therapist to replace the one who retired, I decided to clean the slate and get a new primary care physician, too. Choosing a new doctor can be a difficult process. We can get comfortable with the doctors we have, even if they’re not doing us any good. We might not like doctors at all, making us resistant to seeking one out. But if we all…  [Read More]