I’m A Facebook Hypocrite

by Bill Brenner on September 23, 2011

I’ve gotten some static lately over what I post and how often I post it. Much of the feedback is fair and I’m working on it, but I can’t help feeling like there’s a little hypocrisy going on.

Many of us have the same problem: We want to say what we want at will, but don’t want anyone else to do the same. I can be a hypocrite with the best of ’em, so I know I can’t get all high and mighty and defensive. I think this is just another byproduct of the social networking age. We all have this megaphone and we worry that if we don’t yell into it constantly, it’ll get taken away from us. Some people don’t have this problem, and post a lot more sparingly. I give them a lot of credit for their self control.

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In my crankiness I’ve made a list of all the things on Facebook and Twitter that annoy me. Some of you will relate. None of you should take it too personally. I admit to using this post to blow off steam.

Blowing off steam is important for us, because it keeps us from exploding further down the line. So thanks in advance for indulging me.

In my moments of self pity and self righteousness, when someone takes issue with how I use my social networking tools, I get all red in the face, climb onto my high horse and think to myself, well, at least I don’t …

–Think I’m taking a big, brave stand by posting self-righteous and self-evident statements, daring the rest of you to repost if you agree.

–Insist on getting all lovey-dovey with my wife on Facebook for all to see, dropping words like “baby” and “honey” everywhere.

–Fight with my significant other on Facebook for all to see.

–Vilify others for their political and religious views, even though my own views are equally offensive to others.

–Push buttons for attention, though some have accused me of doing so.

–Whine nonstop about the weather. I feel pretty smart for realizing it’s perfectly normal for it to be hot in the summer and snowing in the winter.

–Whine about the latest Facebook layout changes, forgetting that it’s a free service and that I really didn’t like the last six layouts, either.

–Complain about my job constantly.

Since I don’t do those things, I guess that means I’m better than you.

Well, not really.

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