Snow in The Wound

by Bill Brenner on February 1, 2011

There’s something about living through one or two big snowstorms a week that puts your anti-depressant medication to the test. Let’s see how I’m doing on this one…
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Like many of my fellow New Englanders, I’m getting pretty tired of all this winter weather. There’s nowhere to put the stuff anymore, and there’s the constant worry of one of these storms fucking up my travel plans.
I got a wave of depression rolling through me right now. Not the sad, everything sucks kind of depression, but the grumpy variety that makes me more of a curmudgeon than usual. On days like this I drop a lot of F-bombs with smug self-righteous satisfaction.
That’s OK. No one gets hurt, and I wait until the kids are in another room to let the profanity loose.
I’m working from home today because we’re supposed to get 8 inches. I’m working from home tomorrow because we’re expecting another 6-12 inches. Some folks would be excited about working from home all the time, but the truth is that I go bat-shit crazy if I’m separated from my Framingham office for too long. I need face-to-face interaction with my colleagues to help fuel my creativity. I get restless, and that’s not good.
At least I can move freely about the state when it’s raining. And as you know by now, too much rain throws me into a depression.
Go back a bit further and snowstorms used to send me into a panic. That doesn’t happen anymore. Now I just get frustrated and restless.
And that’s where my head is at now. Call it a case of cabin fever, and the cabin’s on fire.
But I’ll get over it. I always do. 
There is a plus side: The days are getting longer.
Seeing that it’s not pitch black at 5 p.m. is good for my morale.

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