The Beauty in the Wreck

by Bill Brenner on November 3, 2014

Kelly Lum (a.k.a., @aloria) has been an acquaintance for nearly four years, though I wouldn’t say we’re close friends. We’re both part of the information security community and bump into each other at the occasional conference. When we do talk, we find one thing in common.

A life-long struggle with depression.

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I’ve been open about it in this blog. She’s been open about it in her social media postings.

Last week, she published an article in which she gives the fullest account yet of her struggles. Specifically, she writes about how finding beauty in abandoned, decayed places helped her find an appreciation and even a love for her inner demons.

As one of our common connections said online, if this were the first chapter of a book, I wouldn’t put it down.

I long ago learned to find the best parts of myself from within the mental disorder. By accepting OCD and depression as part of what makes me tick instead of a contagion that needed to be destroyed, I found my way forward in the world. I’ve found beauty and grace in the struggle. It’s a blessing to reach that realization. I’m glad Kelly has reached that place, too.

It doesn’t end the pain, but it brings purpose to it.

Thanks for sharing, Kelly, and Godspeed.

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