In the Cold Spring, Whine Flows Freely

by Bill Brenner on March 20, 2013

Fellow New Englanders are pissing and moaning about the latest blanket of snow we received yesterday. Today is the first day of spring, but it looks and feels like January. Nothing is more discouraging and depressing, especially if those with depression feel it the worst in winter. I know this as fact because I’m one of those people.

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It’s been said that New England is particularly defiant in the weather department. We get excessive heat in fall and spring. Winter loiters well into April and sometimes even May. I suspect ┬áthis sort of thing happens in most temperate climates, though.

Fact: Very rarely does spring arrive with warm temperatures and blooming flowers. Even when it does, we get plenty of days that feel like winter afterwards. One year we had a blizzard on April 1. I remember another year when school was called off for two days well into April because we had received more than a foot of snow.

Fact: Eventually, we get the warmer air and blooming trees. This year will be no different.

So cheer up. Before you know it, the dog days of summer will be here and everyone will be whining about the heat.


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