Modern-Day Pharisees

by Bill Brenner on November 20, 2012

A very quick follow-up to yesterday’s post about me being of the Religious Left. My good friend Martin Fisher left a comment I want to elevate to the top of the heap because he says exactly what I meant, in a different but dead-on manner.

From Martin:

You didn’t put it this way…but I suspect you’d agree….that many on the “Christian Right” have become latter day Pharisees. They seem more interested in the process and procedure of religion and calling out those who “don’t obey” that they miss the entire point of what being a follower of Jesus is about…

Christ sacrificed Himself on a cross to save the world. That world includes people you may not like, people you disagree with, people who do things you think are icky. But He died for them just as much as He died for you. You don’t get to choose…that choice was made 2000 years ago.

So, I think, the question is: What do you do now? Do you take this gift and try to see who is allowed to have some or not? Or do you let the light of Christ seep in and through you and help show others the way?

When we go to Mass we hear a lot about the Pharisees in the Bible readings. They are portrayed exactly as Martin portrays today’s Religious Right.

Thanks, old friend.

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