Happy Birthday to a Joyful Little Soul

by Bill Brenner on March 18, 2014

Three years ago today, my nephew Owen was born. We just celebrated his third birthday, but I wanted to say a little something here. Think of it as my personalized birthday card to him.

First, a video for Owen’s amusement, which also has some good advice:

Let me tell you a few things about Owen:

  • He is one of the most joyful souls I’ve ever met. He’s always laughing, excited by every new wonder. He used to cry a lot, especially when I gave him shoulder rides. But he seems to have gotten beyond that.
  • He loves American flags, plants, and Thomas and Friends.
  • He got off to a slow start with talking, but in recent months he has taken quantum leaps in the land of verbalization. Chalk that up as the first challenge of his life, which he passed with flying colors.
  • He can do a fair amount of sign language. I’m 43 years old, and the only sign language I know involves a finger.
  • He loves to pretend his cousins and their dad are trees and buildings. He especially loves knocking those objects to the ground and jumping on them. I suspect this activity is not limited to cousins and uncles, but we were the primary targets at his birthday party. We loved every second of it.
  • We adults of the family can be in the most rotten mood imaginable, but once he toddles into the room and lets out that giggle of his, all other moods brighten.

Happy birthday, you joyful little soul. Uncle Bill loves you very much.
Owen Rocks Yah

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