Cheering My Aunt As She Fights Breast Cancer

by Bill Brenner on October 12, 2012

My Aunt Robin has been valiantly fighting breast cancer for the last several months, and I wanted to take a moment and thank her for showing us all how to do it with humor, grace and grit.

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She’s always been a tough one. Why cancer chose to pick a fight with her is beyond me. It obviously had no idea who it was fucking with.

I’m not the best nephew when it comes to picking up the phone or driving down for a visit. No excuses there. But I want her to know that I admire her.

And I want you to help her and the millions of others who fight this scourge. A friend of hers is doing a walk Sunday to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment. As my aunt says, “Five years ago there was no cure for my type of cancer. But because of these walks there is now hope with herceptin. Help another woman have hope in the future.”

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Beth Anne October 12, 2012 at 5:00 pm

there’s definitely a family resemblance…who married the manikin ? !
sorry for how hard it is for you, your Aunt & your family…

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