Curse of the OCD Guitarist

by Bill Brenner on May 8, 2013

For all it’s power as a tool for staying in the moment, there’s one thing about my guitar playing that’s set off a big OCD trigger.

Mood music:


Is it the need to play constantly, every day? Nope.

Is it the nagging obsession to acquire a Gibson Les Paul? Nah. I have that obsession, but it’s not OCD. It’s the desire of many guitarists, except for those who already own one.

Here’s my problem, as told in three photos:

Crooked Music Man

As you can see, the Music Man guitar on the right is crooked. It makes me crazy.

Crooked Epiphone

I fix it, only to discover that the Epiphone Les Paul Junior on the left is crooked, too. It torments me.

Straightened Epiphone

That’s a little better. But I keep staring and wondering: Is the Music Man crooked again?

There’s only one remedy for this torment: picking up one of them and getting on with my practice.

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Mike Bailey May 8, 2013 at 10:02 am

Hang them on the wall. Unless it’s a really weirdly-balanced guitar, it’ll hang straight. And they look cool.

Also, get that Les Paul 😉

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