Was Abe Lincoln Really Honest?

by Bill Brenner on July 28, 2010

Readers of this blog may have seen one of my earliest posts on Abraham Lincoln and how he suffered with serious mental illness and depression.

I revere him because he developed his own coping mechanisms to rise above it in a time when there were no anti-depressant medicines and medical understanding of the problem was all but non-existent. It’s been written that his depression and the coping tools he developed actually fueled his greatness.

The other day I was watching TV when a GEICO Insurance commercial came on. These guys have always done a great job with their commercials, but this latest is the best of all time.

The actor who plays Lincoln really nails the tortured expression of a man who is not exactly easygoing. The clip pokes fun at the “Honest Abe” legend, but knowing what we now know about Lincoln, this is all the more priceless:


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