Oddly Enough, This Day Will Not Suck

by Bill Brenner on February 2, 2011

I’m snowed in again and both kids are home. By 6:20 a.m. they were already fighting over the family laptop. I’m dead tired. But despite it all, I’m thinking this day will NOT suck. Here’s why.

–The first reason is that I started the day by listening to one of my favorite Boston bands, The Neighborhoods, covering one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs:


–The second reason is that I got a particularly damn good cup of caffeine by my side. Since there have been storms where the power went out before I got my first cup of coffee, I consider this a blessing of massive proportions.

–The third reason is that I just found an amusing article about a woman busted in the airport security line for trying to smuggle 44 iPhones in her stockings. I have a bit to say about that in my security blog.

–I can spend the work day in my bathrobe and tattered gym pants if I want to. I probably won’t, because at some point I’ll want to change before going out to shovel the driveway. But I could if I wanted to.

–Having Sean and Duncan in close proximity as I try to work won’t be easy. But at some point we’ll break to watch some Star Wars. And for an hour or two, I can be a kid again.

–It’s always nice to have a work-at-home day with my wife, though it’s always nicer when the kids are in school. But it’s still quality time, so I’ll take it.

–I have my sunshine in a box on the table nearby. That makes the darkness of winter a little less glaring to my imbalanced mind. 

–The close proximity to the kids all day makes it likely that I’ll be writing a “Stuff My Kids Say Part 4” later on.

Don’t let the snow get you down, people. Things can always be much, much worse.

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Becky February 2, 2011 at 4:43 am

I am a newcomer to your site – I found it in my “quest for a cure” for my 7 year old with OCD. As a parent, you constantly look for things the experts might have missed and I appreciate your adult perspective that my son might not be able to vocalize yet. The good new for today is that the groundhog did not see his shadow – which means a early spring. Something to look forward to…

billbrenner1970 February 2, 2011 at 5:58 am
io_saturnalia February 2, 2011 at 6:44 am

Check out Taylor Amerding’s column on winter. As with most of his stuff, I disagree, but he did yeoman’s work finding the silver lining in this winter. http://ow.ly/3OVg9

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