Which Is Worse? You Decide.

by Bill Brenner on September 25, 2012

I woke up pissed at the world yesterday. Part of it is that people in my life are acting like idiots, and part of it is my realization that thinking this way makes me a Grade-A hypocrite.

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I’m sick of all the ass-hat political posts friends and relatives are putting on Facebook lately. Rather than sticking with issues like our economic well-being and the best way to achieve national security, people are content to post a bunch of memes littered with half truths and outright lies. Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty.

But then I’ve been blogging a lot about how futile these elections have become and how the outcome will have absolutely zero impact on the things that really matter in our lives.

Which is worse? You decide.

I’m sick of people who go on Facebook and complain about everything. They hate their job. They hate their significant others or the lack thereof. They make cryptic statements so someone out there will bite, asking what’s wrong or telling you how fucking special you are.

But then I do something similar in this blog. I never complain about my job or make cryptic statements, but I sure do complain a lot. I’m doing it right now.

Which is worse? You decide.

I’m sick of people who tell you how you should behave, how often you should call your parents and how self-absorbed you are when they can’t get their own shit together.

But then I turn around and do the same things. And I just blog about it afterwards.

Which is worse? You decide.

When I lose patience with people, I can get pretty self-righteous. I take someone down a few pegs, even though I’d make the same stupid decisions and say the same stupid things.

I’ll admit it sometimes, and then go do the same stupid things all over again.

Which is worse? You decide.

Before long I’ll return to my sunnier disposition. But I wanted to take this moment of moodiness and use it as an opportunity to keep it real.

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Beth Anne September 25, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Well, I’ve decided. Both.

Renee Costa November 4, 2012 at 1:11 pm

One of the things I really like and appreciate about reading your blogs is that you are very genuine, and humble. You are also thoughtful and kind. I like you a lot 🙂

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