Get the Funk Out

by Bill Brenner on February 22, 2011

I’ve been in one hell of a funk in recent days. I explain why here and here. Getting sick didn’t help matters. But I’m just about ready to come back out.

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See, I believe in the words a friend recently scrawled on her Facebook page:

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

I’ve always believed in that. And while I backslide in spectacularly pathetic fashion at times, I never stay down for long. True, it used to take me longer to recover. But I’ve always gotten back up. Even when I was at my absolute worst.

Sometimes I get back on my feet and screw everything up in an instant, only to hit the ground harder than the last time.

But I can’t stay down. I have responsibilities. I have a family I love that does a lot better when I’m standing. I have a Faith that pushes me forward.

All that took a beating last week.

And I think when I came home from San Francisco with an illness, that illness mixed with depression. Never a good combination. It used to happen a lot more often, and in much more severe fashion.

As bad as this most recent bout of sickness and moodiness was, I’m thankful that at about a week, it was much shorter than in the old days. I’m still not 100 percent better. But I can see the way through the fog now.

One thing that’s helped and that I’m grateful for: Being around the house a lot with Erin and the children, who are on vacation.  

Talking things through with Erin and watching the kids’ antics is always the best medicine. Music is the extra bit of medicine for the extra push to wellness.

I’ll be hacking up a lung and will probably have sore muscles come 4 a.m., when I’ll wake up for work.

But I’ll be standing.

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