Joe Zippo’s Gift

by Bill Brenner on January 13, 2012

Tomorrow night is the second annual benefit show for Joe “Zippo” Kelley. This post is to urge you to go. But it’s also to show you how his spirit lives on.

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This is my own little example of how a life touches other lives, even after death. Joe died in August of 2010. That day, I didn’t know people like Anne Genovese, Audrey Clark or the guys in Up Your Bucket.

I’ve met them at subsequent shows to celebrate Joe’s life and legacy. I’m a richer man for it.

I’ve also gotten to know and grow fond of Joe’s parents.

My musical tastes have widened to include The 360’s and a lot of punk. I’ve also gotten to know the other guys from Pop Gun (I’ve known the drummer, Greg Walsh, for many years) and have a renewed appreciation for The Neighborhoods, who headlined last year’s benefit show.

See what happens? You go do something to honor a guy who is no longer with us. Then, from his perch in Heaven, he leads you to a bunch of special people who become friends. It gives new meaning to the idea that someone lives on after death.

Details for tomorrow night:

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