Ireland’s Gay Marriage Vote Was Inevitable

by Bill Brenner on May 26, 2015

Some on social media are surprised Ireland voted so overwhelmingly to legalize gay marriage. One reason may be because Ireland is so predominantly Catholic, and Catholic doctrine says homosexuality is wrong.

As an American Catholic, I think the vote went as it did because more and more Catholics are thinking as I do on this subject.

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My conscience tells me that government has absolutely no business defining what marriage — and, more to the point, love — should be about. The Catholic Church believes it should define what marriage is and the government should support that. I don’t agree with that, either.

I accept the Church’s opinion on gay marriage. I’m part of a union between one man and one woman, just as the Church wants it. But that’s my belief system. I don’t believe in imposing a lifestyle on other people.

There’s this notion that a person wakes up one day and decides being gay is a great lifestyle choice. All the people I’ve known over the years who fought against and hid their sexuality have shown me that’s bullshit. They didn’t get a choice. When they denied who they were, they became slaves to shame, escaping through false personas, drugs, and suicide.

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No one should be forced to live a lie because of stigmas set down by church and government. No one should be told who and how to love.

I think, quite simply, that there are a lot of people in Ireland — globally, really, — who have had similar experiences with this issue.

So count me among those who are thrilled with the Irish vote.

The marriage equality symbol, with a Black Flag twist The marriage equality symbol, with a Black Flag twist.

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fredt May 26, 2015 at 2:44 pm

overwhelmingly ,,, overwhelmingly… 2% overwhelmingly and only those with strong enough opinions to vote, about 60%.

Religion is just so irrelevant to so many, as are the gay issue, as are societal memes like marriage. The governments do what they think is best for them. The government did not want to touch the issue because it is a lose-lose and loser issue, so send it to a vote and regardless of the outcome, the people have spoken. No risk, no loss. The vocal majority may get what they want or not but it is now a dead issue that does not matter to 40% of the population, which is larger than either of the two groups that held a strong enough opinion to actually take the time to vote.

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