Getting Help for Your Child

Children’s issues can be among the most painful for children and their parents. This page is full of sites that can guide parents and children through the challenges of illness, depression and mood disorders.

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Links for Kids

  • Facebook page of Dawn Huebner, PhD, Self-Help for Parents and Kids. Dawn has written a series of books designed specifically for children. Each volume, including one on OCD called What To Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck, is set up like a workbook children can use to identify what they’re feeling and develop the tools to get through it. The Facebook page is an easy place for kids to find all of her work.
  • PBS Kids. PBS Kids has long been a safe haven for kids. Such shows as Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and Arthur help kids learn about people who are different, how to resolve conflict and how to deal with scary world events (Sesame Street and Mister Rogers have dealt with that head-on many times).
  • Teens can get ADHD help from articles, newsletters, and games from this page. Check out the rest of the site for help with more problems, such as addiction and suicide.
  • SayItWithSymbols. Speech disorders can leave a child helpless to communicate immediate needs. This portable communications aid for children with developmental disabilities can get their message across.
  • PreventBullingNow. Dr. Kathy Seifert provides five steps to help your child cope with bullying.

Links for Parents

  • Helpguide. Helpguide has lots of information on different mental health issues, including ADHD and bipolar disorder, which have information just for parents. It also has a parenting section that includes information on helping children with autism.
  • National Association of School Psychologist (NASP). NASP offers several tips directed at parents for supporting children’s mental health. While you’re there, check out the Resources library.
  • Association for Children’s Mental Health (ACMH). Michigan’s ACMH lists many resources for parents dealing with their children’s mental health issues. This an especially great resource for Michigan residents.
  • The Child Advocate. This site offers tons of information on children’s mental health issues.
  • Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH). PCMH’s Resource section includes pages with helpful links, a glossary, and an abbreviation link. Check out the blog as well.
  • Boston Children’s Hospital. Children’s Psychiatry department offers “The Parent’s How-to Guide to Children’s Mental Health Services in Massachusetts” as a free download from its site.

For more resources, search on your state name and “children’s mental health”. Many states offer online free information particular to their areas.

If you’ve found a resource that should be listed here, let us know!

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