Coping with Depression, Fear and Anxiety

For help dealing with depression and its byproducts — fear and anxiety — visit these helpful sites.

Depressed Woman

  • Information Technology Burnout Project. This project is devoted to helping IT workers who face depression and burnout due to job stress.
  • Living Well With Depression. This section of Everyday Health’s website is loaded with tools to fight depression, including a symptom checker, a food and fitness section, an online community and an A-Z list of health conditions and medications.
  • You’ll find lots of good advice on several anxiety disorders from Dr. Carbonell, a leading expert on anxiety.
  • Depression Management Toolkit. This PDF is full of tools you can incorporate into your daily life to manage the effects of depression.
  • Anxiety Panic Message Board. Get help and support for anxiety disorders, including anxiety and panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.
  • You’ll find a nice community forum here for questions and answers.
  • This site has original articles and editorials from Dr. Wayne Jones, a psychiatrist specializing anxiety disorders.
  • BlueBoard. This online support group is for people affected by depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders.
  • Dealing With Depression. If you want an action list for fighting depression,’s section on depression will prove valuable. It examines depression from the inside out and offers steps you can take to bring the blues to heel.

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Eulalia June 2, 2013 at 9:49 am

) That’s why if we got the hormones flowing in abundance in
our body, an occasional pig out day, or binge isn’t going to hurt our progress.
As with any exercise, stretch before you start to
prevent injuries. In addition you can probably cut your running time by half.

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