My Revere Attitude

by Bill Brenner on March 12, 2013

I could tell you I’m a real bad-ass because I grew up in Revere, Mass. But that would be a lie.

Since I’ve reconnected with quite a few of my old Revere neighbors of late, it seems appropriate that I feature some of the blog posts that focus on my Point-of-Pines childhood.

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THE LOST GENERATION OF REVERE: Some say my generation of Revere kids was cursed.

AND THE SEA WILL SAVE YOU: The memories are still stained with sorrow. But, truth be told, the location of my upbringing is one of the things that saved me.

ZANE FROM THE POINT OF PINES, REVERE: I keep thinking of a kid from the Point of Pines who isn’t with us anymore.

DAN WATERS OF REVERE, MASS.: Tribute to a friend.

THE BRIDGE RATS: The author reviews the imperfections of childhood relationships in search of all his OCD triggers. Along the way, old bullies become friends.

LOST BROTHERS: Remembering Michael S. Brenner, 1966-1984.

MARLEY AND ME: Remembering Sean J. Marley, 1966-1996

ADDICTED TO FEELING GOOD — A LOVE/HATE STORY: The author reflects on some of his dumber quests to feel good.

PEACE AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME: The author visits an old thinking spot behind a boat yard in his old neighborhood and finds something he forgot about.


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