Angry with CVS for Dropping Cigarettes? Smoke Another One

by Bill Brenner on February 10, 2014

When CVS Pharmacy announced it would stop selling tobacco products last week, most people were either supportive or indifferent. Then there were a few suggesting the chain is a loyal foot soldier of the so-called nanny state; telling people what they can and can’t buy.

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Most of the discontent is over at Fox News, where The Real Story host Gretchen Carlson asked her guests, “Is it OK legally … to restrict tobacco availability in a private store like this? For people who smoke, you know, they have a right to buy cigarettes. It’s not illegal.”

Fox Business pundits Neil Cavuto and Melissa Francis bemoaned the slippery slope CVS was traveling down, asking what’s next: Ring Dings? Doritos?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here’s mine:

CVS has the right to decide what it will and won’t sell — whether it’s tobacco or junk food. People who don’t like it can shop elsewhere.

People do have the right to buy cigarettes. I myself use e-cigs and usually buy them at one of my local gas stations. People can buy their junk food pretty much anywhere.

The freedom to abuse oneself won’t end because CVS has gone down this path.

Frankly, I think CVS showed balls in nixing tobacco. In the short term, at least, the decision is going to cut into its bottom line. It’s choosing to strip itself to the roots and strengthen its hand as a company that deals in health. Good for CVS.

Even if it were bad for the company, so what? The owners can do what they want. Because, you know, theirs IS a private company.


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Don December 18, 2014 at 8:56 am

I think that CVS is doing this in order to benefit themselves. If they could find a way to make more cash, selling smokes, they would. Their prices on all other items, not including rx’s , appears higher on most items.

There are also the smokers. I quit three years ago, but feel insulted for other smokers. I mean in comparison, people in this country get away with murder, literally… How dare CVS become so self righteous that they decide to take a stance…again, to benefit themselves. There is no way that this is not a MAKE MORE MONEY for themselves plan. This is fine, but tell it as it is, instead of acting as if genuinely concerned abt the well being of smokers. I transferred my three monthly Rx’s to Rite Aid, across the street. They card everyone, this is what a consumer told me, at least in the Baltimore area, this lady was 76.
She advised they told her it is to ensure they are in the habit of carding, to make certain every person, especially those not, of legal age, know that they cannot buy cigarettes .

I agree with this, and the consumers, per this elderly female, understand as well. Did Fidel Castro take over as CEO ?

I will drive out of my way, if necessary , before spending a nickel at CVS. This is discrimination, no ifs ands or butts…no pun intended.

I hope the best for CVS…perhaps next, they’ll decide what people can eat, drink, and purchase for themselves in grocery, cosmetic and magazines. Greeting cards will soon fall under scrutinity as well. I cannot believe the individuals that praise them as forerunners, making a decision for the common man. BS.


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