Illustrating the Red Sox Nation

by Bill Brenner on November 5, 2013

Yesterday I was sick all day. At one point, I watched little bits of nonsense on YouTube, waiting for my brain function and motor skills to wake up. Humor can be as good as the strongest cup of coffee on days like this.

Below is something that truly captures the special characteristics of Boston Red Sox fans. It’s a pretty good reflection of Bostonians, period. I say this with total affection. I’m not as rabid a sports fan as many in this town, but I am a product of Boston and see some of myself in this clip.

It’s a MasterCard commercial spoof, in which rabid Red Sox fans list all the precious things they’d part with if the Sox were to win the World Series, as of course they did. This actually followed the Sox’s 2004 World Series win and is making the rounds again in the wake of the team’s 2013 win.

After the win, it’s time to pay the piper, and the results are indeed “priceless.”

Denis Leary, Sox commercial

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