The Boy Inside the Man: An Inspirational Story

by Bill Brenner on August 25, 2015

This blog is my personal tale. That it helps some people because they can relate to it was an unexpected bonus that I try to live up to. As part of that I will share personal tales from other people that have taught me a lot. The latest example is “Being ‘Whole’ Isn’t My Goal” by Paul Nobles.

I don’t know Nobles personally, but the man captures things I relate to.

He writes of things that happened in childhood that confused him and fostered a lot of anger as a young man. He writes of an invisible hole inside him that he could never fill. He writes of how food filled the hole after he put down the drugs and alcohol. He writes of using exercise as a crutch.

At one point he says:

Inside me is a little boy sitting on a couch with police surrounding me asking if I’m alright and that answer is, ‘No, I am not alright.’ I will never be ALL RIGHT but I am working on that.

Everyone has a story. Please read his.

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