Nikki Sixx, Michael Jackson and Pedophiles, Part 2

by Bill Brenner on June 26, 2012

Last year, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx created a Twitter shitstorm when he opined about Michael Jackson being an alleged pedophile. At the time, I wrote a blog post about it being a fascinating case study in human nature. This week marks the third anniversary of Jackson’s death, and the case study has taken an interesting turn.

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I knew something was up when my post from last year started getting a ton of traffic. I also started getting fresh comments on the post, all of it defending Jackson and panning Mötley Crüe’s chief songwriter. So I explored Google and found another interesting Twitter exchange, this time between Jackson’s daughter, Paris, and Sixx.

Jackson sent him this tweet: “Heyy quick question dude – and this is coming from a huge fan of motley crue – but why do u feel the need to hate on talented ppl [people]?”

To which Sixx replied: “Hello parisJackson. My snarky humor and sarcasm sometimes gets the best of me. I sincerely apologize to you and your family. God Bless.”

According to published reports, she accepted his apology and he invited her to come on his radio show. “If ya ever wanna come on SixxSense and talk about what Your working on would love [to] have you on,” he tweeted.

I had forgotten about my post from last year, so I went back and read it. It mostly stands the test of time in terms of how I feel about the subject. I think Jackson did a lot of good in his life but that the cloud hanging over him was hard to dismiss.

True, he was never convicted of being a pedophile, but the reports of what went on in his home still make me uneasy.

Watching a childhood friend become a pedophile definitely colored my reaction to the Sixx-Jackson controversy. But I fully admit that I’m basing my views on all the things that were reported in the media. For all I know, everything that happened behind closed doors was harmless. The media has a long history of getting it wrong.

I still find it curious how the masses were ready to tear Jackson down at the time of the allegations yet conveniently forgot about all them when he died. I guess we all suffer from varying degrees of hypocrisy.

One thing’s for certain: Nikki Sixx seems to have had a change of heart — at least in how he chose to give his opinion on the King of Pop.

I’m glad Paris Jackson challenged Sixx the way she did. And I’m glad he apologized.

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Raven Woods July 9, 2012 at 12:13 am

While you so easily refer to the “cloud hanging over Jackson’s life” what about Nikki Sixx, a guy who, just like all the rockers in his day, banged countless numbers of underaged teen girls?

Over three years ago I started researching seriously into the allegations made against Michael Jackson. Like many, I had simply taken too much for granted in the media and believed most of what was reported. What I discovered when I actually began researching the facts of those cases-one of which was an extortion; the other a hilarious extortion ATTEMPT gone wrong in every way imaginable-was mind boggling. Perhaps, as the old adage goes, people can argue that “no one knows unless they were there” but the simple truth is that the evidence for his innocence is simply too overwhelming to be ignored. As long as this much reasonable doubt exists, it is just not right for people to continue to blindly and (by long force of kneejerk habit) to associate his name with pedophilia.

There is a lot of information out there; far too much to go into detail here. You have my email addy and my blog link if you would like to know more. I can also point you to many others even more knowledgable than myself about these allegations.

This is not about being a fan. It is about the continued injustice of seeing what I (truly believe) is an innocent man’s name slandered.

PS: Long time, old time Motley Crue fan myself!

Sharon Kistner November 2, 2016 at 5:20 pm

This was good to see sinceI didnt know exactly what Nikki had done. I was not on twitter when this happened.Love your response as well Raven. I am a part of the #MJFam and cant wait to see your Documentary soon I hope.

Mystique December 14, 2017 at 8:17 am

Quite sure Michael Jackson was fan of Motley Crue as well, and vice versa; while one is glam rock and the other so-called pop, I consider them both glam in my opinion. MJ sure had some serious rock numbers as well. The media at the time was a blood thirsty, malignant force that earned its bread by proliferating even the smallest controversy and feeding on talented, famous and innocent celebrities, who are just as human as any of us with feelings. While I have always aspired being a journalist myself, the manner in which the they treated MJ, made me fear the media and being anywhere involved in it as a career.

Michael Jackson was a genius, a truly eclectic and brilliant human being. So glad his kids are around to share his story for him.

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