What’s Crohn’s Disease Got to do With it?

by Bill Brenner on July 21, 2010

I’ve gotten notes lately from folks who’ve read enough of this blog to know I have Crohn’s Disease. They have it, too, and seemed to appreciate that they’re not alone. Some ask what the disease has to do with the mental illness and addictions at the heart of this blog. And so I’ve made this compilation of posts where the Crohn’s is a major factor:

The Lasting Impact of Crohn’s Disease: The author has lived most of his life with Crohn’s Disease and has developed a few quirks as a result.

The Bad Pill Kept Me from the Good Pill: Perhaps worse than Crohn’s Disease itself is the drug you take to quiet the flare ups. How the side effects from Prednisone later kept me from taking the medicine I needed to control the OCD.

Needles: The author knows what the needle feels like going in. But this isn’t what you think.

The Migraine: When the author gets a migraine, he’s reminded of what every day used to be like.

Shamed to Death: Why do people with mental and physical illness choose a slow, painful death over recovery?

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