10 Ways I Turned My Shitty Day Around

by Bill Brenner on May 7, 2014

The other day I wrote about having a bad morning, and how I was looking for a positive plot twist. The day did get better. How it did is a good case study in learning to roll with the punches.

Mood music:

Sequence of events:

  1. I wrote that post to vent my spleen. That simple action went a long way in helping me feel better. Once I committed my frustrations to paper, so to speak, I succeeded in removing the toxins from my brain.
  2. I queued up a bunch of my favorite rock, metal and punk songs and played them all day as I worked.
  3. I managed to finish editing a compliance security document I want to make public for customers.
  4. I took a walk from my office to the Charles River, enjoying the spring air and the Boston skyline.
  5. I enjoyed free Mexican food the company gave out for Cinco de Mayo.
  6. I delighted in some new flavor juices for my vaping pipe.
  7. I found a radio station on iHeart Radio that proved perfect for the drive to get the kids from school.
  8. I played guitar for a good two hours, focusing on all the AC/DC and Black Sabbath riffs I’ve been learning, along with some original stuff.
  9. I read an inspiring Time magazine article on the construction of 1 World Trade Center from the ashes of Ground Zero.
  10. I got a cool science lesson from my neighbor, who was kind enough to come discuss her work at my children’s Scout meeting. The virus samples she passed around were a hit.

All in all, a day that promised to be shitty turned out pretty good — because I didn’t let the bad attitude linger.

Thank God for that.

Sunset at the Beach

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