Easter Morning

by Bill Brenner on April 4, 2010

No real message about overcoming OCD, depression and addiction. I’ll get back to that tomorrow. Today, just a quick Happy Easter to you all.

All is well here. We experienced a brilliant Easter Vigil Mass last night.

Not even my starting in on the wrong reading could have spoiled it. I helped out with this year’s RCIA group, so seeing them Baptized was particularly special for me.

The kids got up at 5:30 a.m. all excited for their Easter baskets. We sent them back to bed for another hour.

Above: drawings Sean made for us for Easter.

Later we take the kids to Mass, then hang out before going to the in-laws for dinner. Somewhere in there, I’ll have a cigar (my Lenten sacrifice).

Tomorrow I head to California for another security event.

No anxiety. No fear. Just Blessings all around.

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