25 Things That Won’t Really Piss Off Friends With OCD

by Bill Brenner on March 5, 2014

The Dorm Stormer website has a photo spread of about 25 things it claims will piss off friends with OCD.

As someone who does have OCD, let me offer my two cents.

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Straightaway, the photo spread strikes me as dumb: I don’t feel irritated or insulted. It lacks cleverness and real humor.

OCD humor done well is something I enjoy. If you can make me laugh about the condition I live with every day, then I salute you. But you have to do it well, and this article doesn’t. It falls back on the oldest clich&eactue;s in the book.

The misspelled words on the parking lot pavement? If I saw it in front of me I’d have a good laugh, take a picture and put it on Twitter and Facebook. But the sight of it would not yank my triggers.

Fire Misspelling

Same goes for the orange juice in the grocery section marked “eggs.”

The mismatched soda bottles and crooked pictures? That shit got old a long time ago.

pepsi bottle fail

The examples used barely scratch the surface of what true OCD suffering is about — the constant worry and paranoia, the sleepless nights, the stress-induced amplification of addictive behavior, the fear of leaving one’s house and having to talk to other people.

My friend, if you found imagery to lampoon that stuff, I’d me lapping it up.

Try again.


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