Staring adversity in the face and making it blink is what The OCD Diaries is all about. But to do so, we need resources beyond just this site. This Resources section has information and outside links to everything from religious guidance sites to medical sites to self-help organizations’ sites and places on the Web to find healthier meal recipes.

Table of Contents

Cool Resources on Twitter, Facebook and the Blogosphere. What mental health issues are you concerned about? Check out these social media sites for information, support and a few laughs. Read more.

Crohn’s Disease Resources.
Since the author’s battle with Crohn’s Disease is a major factor in this blog, we direct you to these great sites for understanding the disease. Read more.

Eating Disorders Resources.
Need help with your relationship with food? Visit these sites to learn about various eating disorders, what the root causes are and how to regain control. Read more.

Managing Your Addiction.
Visit these sites to learn about various addictions, what the root causes are and how to regain control. Read more.

Coping with Depression, Fear and Anxiety.
For advice on dealing with depression and its byproducts — fear and anxiety — visit these helpful sites. Read more.

Help for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
For concrete advice on how to manage OCD — minimizing the debilitating effects and putting one’s hyper-focused tendencies to good use — check out some of these excellent resources. Read more.

Getting Help for Your Child.
Children’s issues can be among the most painful for children and their parents. This page is full of sites that can guide parents and children through the challenges of illness, depression and mood disorders. Read more.

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